Sharing of customized development solutions for online car-hailing app software

The rapid development of mobile Internet has promoted the emergence of various mobile phones with APP. Especially for consumers, the traditional travel habits of APP cabins have changed. Going online to become a taxi is convenient and time-saving. Online car-hailing APP custom development companies need user terminals, driver terminals and management system platforms. What functions do we need to carry out each? Here the editor will share it with you in detail, hoping to help everyone.

Sharing of customized development solutions for online car-hailing app software
Mini program development

Introduction to the functions of the client

Positioning function: Users can recommend vehicles as nearby to help drivers determine the user’s location. Even if the driver doesn’t know where the user reports, it can still find it smoothly.

Navigation system: Provides safe travel routes and serves user information more accurately.

Online call: The user determines the ride location, submits the departure location and destination, and orders.

Online booking: Book the time, departure, destination, and departure time in advance on the taxi app so you don’t delay your trip.

Price Estimation: Based on source and destination, select different car models for budget users.

Online payment: User information can be paid by selecting WeChat or Alipay, and the driver’s service company can be analyzed and evaluated.

Customer Evaluation: After the order is completed, the customer service and driver’s order fulfillment attitude are evaluated,

Real-name authentication: All taxi-hailing app drivers require online real-name authentication to ensure the authenticity of corporate information and ensure the safety of passengers.

Driver terminal function introduction

The platform dispatches orders: automatically pushes nearby orders and sends the order information closest to the driver to the driver, so that it can reach the target user’s passing location in the shortest time.

The driver takes the order: The driver can learn the user’s contact information after taking the order, and the contact information can be activated.

Navigation system: Navigation will automatically receive the order to help the driver find a specific location quickly and accurately locate the user after opening.

Personal wallet: for drivers to withdraw commissions. Withdraw money directly to your bank card.

Introduction to management terminal functions

User management: If the registered user information management refers to the passenger

Driver management: including information resource management of a driver and information about the driver who has been logged out. When signing up a driver with an online car-hailing company, it must be more in line with the access environment conditions for online car-hailing companies.

Vehicle management: vehicle information management and outbound vehicles

Order management: inquiries, evaluation management and payment records

Operations management: activity management, promotion incentives, rewards and statistics

Data statistics: user statistics, driver statistics, order information statistics and fund statistics,

System management: such as user management, role management, information management, system logs, APP management, mainly related to automotive network management system products.

Advantages of online car hailing APP

1. Convenient and fast: Online reservations are punctual and convenient, improving consumers’ travel experience and making travel better. Blue Label Aurora, a professional online ride-hailing APP development company, has successfully developed the tourism product “Ride-hailing Travel” and provided high-quality services to dozens of domestic and foreign partners.

2. Market potential: In my country, there are more than 2 million 44 cities with an urban population. As the level of urbanization increases, the demand for cars on the Internet will also become greater and greater. According to the latest news about automobile network in 2018, 29% of first-tier cities frequently use Internet users to travel by car, while in second- and third-tier cities, this proportion is as high as 22%. Therefore, the space that automotive app developers can explore is vast.

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