APP development, analysis of reasons leading to development failure

Today, with the rapid development of the mobile Internet, almost everyone has a mobile phone in their daily life. They are inseparable from various mobile apps in work, life, entertainment, etc. Enterprises have also begun to transform and develop their own apps. However, Various problems will also be encountered during the development process, leading to development failure.

APP development, analysis of reasons leading to development failure
APP development

Today I will summarize with you the reasons why app development fails:

1. Insufficient funds:

When developing an app, the biggest impact is actually the capital cost. Depending on the budget, the quality of the developed app will be different. The complexity of the app’s functional requirements, the number of app system versions, the development method, the location of the development company and other factors are affected. Therefore, when developing an app, you must be clear about your financial budget and whether the budget is sufficient to develop the app you want.

2. Poor communication (key reasons):

App development requires the participation of product managers, UI visual designers, Android development engineers, ios development engineers, back-end development engineers, test engineers and other personnel. If communication between personnel is not smooth, it will also affect the overall development effect and lead to development failure. Or the development cycle is extended and the product cannot be delivered on time. Before development, it is necessary to formulate an app development plan and plan everyone’s work content and acceptance criteria. Product managers also need to communicate with customers in a timely manner and coordinate product development matters.

3. Price deviation:

If the development functional requirements are not discussed in detail before development, it will lead to deviations in later development prices, causing the app development scope to spread or become gold-plated. Therefore, before development, the development method, functional development requirement list, development cycle and delivery acceptance standards need to be clearly defined in the contract to avoid disputes arising from development issues in the later stage, resulting in the developed app being unsatisfactory.

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