What functional modules are included in the development of decoration apps?

What functional modules are included in the development of decoration APPs? There are many home decoration APPs on the software market now. People can choose or define their favorite home decoration style through the decoration styles displayed on the APP, and they can also get more information on the APP. Reference information and advice on decoration.

What functional modules are included in the development of decoration apps?
Decoration APP development

Decoration APP development and customization basic functions:

1. Decoration style: Displays decoration renderings of different styles, allowing users to intuitively find the decoration style they want.

2. Select family type: Users can choose different decoration styles according to their family type and area. They can also choose decoration styles such as master bedroom, second bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, study room, etc.

3. Online quotation: Calculate prices based on different decoration styles and home types, and display reasonable prices for users’ reference. Different home area prices can be set according to different backgrounds.

4. Online ordering: Users can choose a good decoration style to place an order or put it in the shopping cart. Online payment is supported. After the payment is completed, the corresponding decoration company will start to prepare decoration materials.

5. Decoration evaluation: After the user accepts the decoration, the existing decoration products will be evaluated and scored, and displayed in the existing decoration style products for everyone’s reference.

6. Decoration effect picture library: If the user is not sure which decoration form to choose, he can first browse the decoration effect picture library. Each effect picture corresponds to a decoration form and can be collected for easy downloading. comparison reference.

7. Decoration design: This platform and its users can publish some decoration strategies for your reference to help you solve some problems during the decoration process.

8. Decoration companies are stationed in: Decoration applications can choose multiple decoration company operating platforms. Decoration companies can provide their own decoration qualifications and decoration cases. After entering the platform, they can publish their own decoration products and cases, and provide the platform with Provide users with more choices.

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