What are the categories when developing a new custom app software?

In this mobile Internet era, APP software has become an indispensable part of our lives. And every APP software has its spiritual purpose.

What are the categories when developing a new custom app software?
APP development classification

So what are the categories when developing a new customized app software? Let’s find out together:

1. Service APP-Corporate Brand

Mainly used for well-known enterprises, large enterprises, APP development company brand service functions, such as inquiry, customer service, maintenance, activities, customer service, points mall, etc.

2. App development-e-commerce industry

Mobile e-commerce App is a very convenient mobile app for companies to sell products. Using mobile e-commerce App for interface interaction and docking with open platforms such as WeChat and Weibo, users can easily share their shopping experience, which greatly enhances the corporate brand. Breadth of communication.

3. App Development-Business O2O

The company uses commercial O2O App to develop new customers, maintain old customers, recycle customers, and cooperate with offline activities to increase customers. Establish one-click mobile terminal sharing, and create a large number of activities and games to increase user stickiness and increase product sales.

4. App Development-Catering Chain

Mobile catering chain APP can realize functions such as mobile ordering, membership activities, information push, online numbering, etc., and can also realize social platform interaction. APP development companies can help catering companies accumulate their own customer resources and effectively enhance the company’s reputation.

5. App Development-General Marketing

The marketing app is equivalent to allocating sales personnel to customers anytime and anywhere, including product display, online payment, LBS shopping guide, sharing interaction, background CRM management, etc. Achieve clearer marketing methods based on big data.

6. App development-takeaway delivery

Through the takeout delivery app, users can place orders through their mobile phones and wait for them to be delivered to their door. The delivery staff will receive orders through the rider assistant, and users can check the real-time delivery status through their mobile phones. For merchants, they can seize online user channels

7. App development-B2B industry category website

Although B2B is considered to be the last difficulty in online business, many B2B companies have already moved their business to the mobile terminal. B2B industry category website is one of the developers. B2B industry category apps can publish supply and demand information, industry information, solution decisions, business qualifications, etc., and can also implement product evaluation and feedback in the interactive module.

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