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The secondary development of WeChat is actually to build some sections that you need on WeChat, but these sections did not exist before. The WeChat team leaves a piece of reclaimed land for users, which is the secondary development of WeChat. For example, functions such as the big carousel and scratch-off tickets are also secondary development. WeChat secondary development is a marketing artifact of WeChat marketing. By developing some interactive functions, we can promote customer stickiness and communicate with customers one-on-one to understand their most real needs.

New Mileage Client is a professional WeChat secondary development company. Let’s talk about WeChat secondary development: micro website development, WeChat mall development, WeChat event page development, etc.

H5 development and small program development

Microsite development

Microsites can be developed for enterprises. Microsites are a new generation of websites that can adapt to the browsing experience and interactive performance requirements of mobile clients. It is suitable for mobile phones, tablets and other devices, and can also identify the mobile phone screen size by itself. The content of its website is streamlined, the loading speed is also very fast, and the user experience is very good.

WeChat Mall Development

WeChat Mall can be developed. WeChat Mall is a mall application service product based on the mobile Internet. It uses WeChat as the medium and cooperates with WeChat payment function to realize online interaction between merchants and customers, as well as WeChat online shopping. Basic functions such as product management and member management are supported.

WeChat QR code development

You can set up your own brand’s QR code, use discounts and offers to attract users to pay attention to the WeChat platform, and develop O2O marketing models.

WeChat event page development

Through the re-development of WeChat, activities such as coupons and carousels can be implemented to attract target consumers to participate and achieve the expected promotion purpose.

This is the first introduction to the functions that can be achieved by WeChat secondary development. For more WeChat secondary development: micro website development, WeChat mall development, WeChat event page development and other related information, please contact New Mileage Technology customer service

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