What are the basic functions that are indispensable for developing a live broadcast APP?

What are the basic functions that are indispensable for developing a live broadcast APP?

Nowadays, everyone spends more and more time watching short videos or various video media apps. In daily life, we often see users watching short videos or watching live videos on their mobile phones.

Most of the users of live streaming apps are young users. Compared with relatively shallow information exchanges such as text and pictures, live streaming is more interactive.

So what are the basic functions that are indispensable for developing a live broadcast APP?

What are the basic functions that are indispensable for developing a live broadcast APP?
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1. Live broadcast hall: display of various popular live broadcast information, online start live broadcast function, anchor live broadcast function.

2. Online interaction: chat, including sending messages, sending gifts, sending MMS, and private chat functions.

3. Video playback: Live video programs can be played back online, and the videos can be watched freely.

4. Community communication: The community is a platform for members to communicate, publish updated news, post, and exchange new events.

5. Sharing function: Users can share the room number to other platforms such as WeChat, QQ, Weibo, etc., so that more people can pay attention to it.

6. Revenue statistics: Record the daily revenue of each room, including gift revenue and VIP room revenue, and statistics on the number of fans.

7. Message reminders: such as APP version update function, system notifications and various down payment information reminders.

The development of live broadcast APP cannot be limited to the above functions. It must be able to understand the needs of users through various channels and assist customers in sorting out product functions. The functional requirements have different priorities and priorities, and can be flexibly combined with the actual customization of exclusive live broadcasts for enterprises or individuals. APP.

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