What advantages can the flower mall applet bring?

What advantages can the flower mall applet bring?

As people’s concept of “ceremony” gradually deepens, the flower express retail industry also makes a lot of money during major holidays. However, because the current flower shop customers are more demanding for instant efficiency, online booking, and one-stop Convenient services have forced many traditional flower retail stores to face a “shuffle” transformation, and the Internet platform provided by WeChat mini program has just created opportunities for the traditional flower retail industry. You only need to develop a WeChat mini program flower mall to “step through” in place”. So what can a flower mall based on WeChat applet bring? Let me briefly analyze it.

What advantages can the flower mall applet bring?
Mini program development

1. Transformation of the flower industry and online consumption scenarios

The most critical aspect of industrial transformation is the need for a “platform” to build online consumption scenarios. The WeChat mini program is exactly what satisfies the flower retail industry. By providing flower classification, booking services, instant delivery, online consultation and other service types that satisfy users, it solves the “pain points” that the traditional flower retail industry cannot meet user needs one by one. , truly and effectively realize the development of the industry and form a complete sales channel that integrates online and offline.

2. Online marketing activities to increase flower conversion

The WeChat Mini Program Flower Mall not only provides a platform, but more value comes from being able to carry out various types of marketing activities to quickly attract customers, and at the same time, it can also effectively increase the conversion of flower sales orders, whether it is carried out online Whether it is live streaming or purchasing activities that provide customers with the best discounts, they can innovate the sales model of the traditional flower retail industry with more practical effects, thereby reaping the benefits of transformation.

3. Free product exposure, easy to reach users

WeChat mini programs have the advantage of not requiring downloading. After breaking through the scene restrictions, they can reach users more easily, and mini programs built on the WeChat platform can fully apply Souyisou, nearby mini programs, WeChat public accounts, Moments, etc. Function to achieve free product exposure, which not only allows users to become familiar with the flower retail brand, but also allows the mini program flower mall to generate repeat purchases.

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