What functions do you need to develop a Mao Café app?

According to survey data in the “2020 China Pet Industry White Paper”, the domestic pet industry is currently in a stage of vigorous development, with the overall scale exceeding 200 billion yuan. Moreover, the pet-owning group has a downward trend. Second-tier cities have exploded with amazing potential, and the proportion of pet-owners has exceeded that of first-tier cities. In the future, the pet market will still spread outwards, with unlimited development potential! Pets are attracting more and more attention, but raising a pet is not a casual thing. For example, if the financial strength does not allow it, or the residence cannot keep pets, etc., other than going to the homes of friends who have pets, the only option is to “raise pets online” ”, which also brings development opportunities for pet stores such as cat cafes.

What functions do you need to develop a Mao Café app?
Mini program development

The development prospects of cat cafes

Cat cafes are a business model that combines pet shops and light restaurants such as cafes, which greatly meets the dual needs of personal social interaction and pet care, thus attracting a large number of consumers to queue up to suck cats and check in. Taking photos has generated great commercial value. With the development of the mobile Internet, Mao Café stores also need to incorporate digital thinking to upgrade their service experience, so as to attract more consumers’ attention. Among them, Mao Café Mini Program is a powerful operating tool for Mao Café stores!

Advantages of developing Maokaf applet

1. Digital thinking helps attract new customers: Through the Internet+ upgrade, the service forms and prices of Mao Café can be more transparently presented to potential consumers, and marketing methods such as coupons and group buying can be used to attract new customers and help Mao Café. Coffee expands its popularity.

2. Improve the consumption experience of cat cafe stores: All cat cafe store services can be obtained on the mini program, which shortens the user’s consumption process and allows users to “suck cats in the cloud” through video after leaving the store, satisfying users’ needs. Diversified needs improve users’ consumption experience.

What functions are needed to develop a Mao Café applet?

1. Video display: The growth status of each Maomao employee in Maomao Cafe is presented through short videos. The short videos can be shared to third-party platforms to increase the usage rate of the platform among cat lovers.

2. Reservation function: The reservation function is developed. Users can use the mini program to reserve private rooms and reserve cute cats for services, helping the store to reasonably arrange service cat employees.

3. Ordering function: Through the mini program, you can make reservations for store meals directly on the mini program, quickly meeting users’ catering needs.

4. Cat adoption: Cat cafes can open the adoption function after cats are bred. Users can choose a cat online, submit an application, and after passing offline review, they can go to the store to adopt the cat.

5. Cat Ranking: Display the pictures, names and health certificates of Maomao employees. Users can purchase “small dried fish” points to vote for their favorite cats. The ranking will be settled every week, and the winning cat can get award.

6. Cat foster care: Cat Cafe opens foster care service. You can realize cat foster care service by submitting an application and paying the fee on the mini program.

7. Membership system: Set up a membership system, publish check-in, browsing and other tasks, match the corresponding level for each mini program user, and reasonably guide users to become store members through coupons, discount coupons, drink coupons and other forms to attract traffic. Offline consumers, accumulate customer base, and maintain consumers in a timely manner.

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