• How to use the WeChat pat function? What’s the use of taking a photo on WeChat? What is the function?

    What is the use of WeChat’s “Clap” function What’s the point of taking a photo on WeChat? what’s the function? In fact, when we see this, it is like the QQ window shaking. Some friends have sent us messages or files, but we have not responded, so they shake us. As a reminder, the same message is actually sent to WeChat. For example, if you send a message or file to the other party and there is no reply, you can take a picture of your friend as a reminder….

  • The value and function of seafood mall applet development

    With the improvement of living standards and the development of transportation, seafood is gradually moving from the seaside to inland cities. The seafood market is often in short supply. In order to solve this problem and to facilitate consumers to purchase. The seafood mall applet came into being. Let’s take a look at the value and functions of the seafood mall applet development! The value of seafood mall applet development 1. Convenience. Consumers can directly purchase the seafood they want through the seafood mall applet, solving the problem of lack…