Shanghai software development-software outsourcing company’s software development project undertaking process

Software project development takes a long time and requires a lot of detailed work. There are many details that need to be processed during the entire development process. How to handle these details well is very important to the success of a project.

Shanghai software development-software outsourcing company’s software development project undertaking process
Software development process

Many entrepreneurs who start their own business do not know the process. Today I will show you the project contract acceptance process:

1. After receiving the customer’s intention, the first step is to clarify the customer’s needs. Some customers’ needs are just one or two sentences, and some customers’ needs refer to the XXX application. Some more professional customers will give a rough description of their needs, and very few customers will give a very detailed description of their needs (perhaps they are inquiring about land from other places, or the company itself has professionals) . We hope to get a more detailed description of requirements, but most customers can’t provide it, especially customers in traditional industries who don’t know much about the software field. So the first step is to understand the real thoughts of customers through various channels.

We generally reject customers who can’t always explain what they want, and who are still unclear after we understand them.

2. Through the first step of understanding, you will basically know the customer’s background and what they want to do. At this time, we will judge the customer’s willingness to do the project. Some customers just inquire about the price casually and are not very willing. In addition, I will also get a rough idea of ​​the customer’s approximate budget. For customers who we judge are not willing to do so, if the demand If it is not complicated, or if you provide slightly detailed requirements, I will give a rough estimate and reply with a price and construction period. For clients with very different budgets, I will inform them if I cannot assess the situation.

In addition, if we judge that there are some technical points in the project that we are not sure about, we will be very cautious and try not to accept it.

Customers who are willing to make orders according to our judgment, according to the needs given by the customers, if the customers do not have more detailed needs, I will help sort them out and attach a comparison Detailed evaluation results, construction period and price.

3. After the quotation is given to the customer, wait for the customer’s reply. Interested customers will contact you for further communication. Sometimes there may be several rounds, depending on the customer and demand situation. During this process, some updates will be made to the demand list based on the results of the discussion. After both parties reach a verbal agreement, I will draft a contract, attach a list of requirements, and have both parties sign and seal it.

The contract needs to describe the rights and obligations of both parties, project duration, price, payment method, as well as the liability for breach of contract by both parties, and how to deal with it. In more detail, the technical requirements and technical standards of the project will be listed. The more detailed the contract, the better. It will be a guarantee for both parties and avoid disputes between the two parties later in the project.

For the contracting parties, they are very afraid that the needs of the demand side will continue to change during the development process, which will cause the development team to be stuck in it, and the project will not be completed for a long time. The cost increase itself also affects other projects.

The demand side is also afraid that the developer will be irresponsible and not careful when doing it, because software is special and it is impossible to check the code line by line. It can only be done through continuous testing. Test software quality. To a large extent, the quality of the project is related to the technical strength, project management, and seriousness of the development team.

4. After the contract is signed, we will start preparations for development and start the project when the customer’s down payment is received. The project development process is generally: refinement of the demand list –> production Requirements prototype–>Prototype confirmation–>UI design–>UI confirmation–>Coding–>Delivery test version–>Accept modification–>Close the project.

Sometimes there will be slight changes depending on the project process, but in general it is like this. The more complex the project process, the more rigorous it will be, and the early requirements analysis will take longer. Try to avoid Modifications will be made after development. The larger the outsourcing company, the more stringent the process will be. For smaller companies, the process will be more agile in order to improve efficiency, but the output may not be as strict as that of large companies. But no matter what, the final result is to complete the project on schedule and ensure the quality so that customers can use it normally. This is the most important thing.

5. After the project is completed, it will also be related to post-maintenance issues. We generally provide a half-year or one-year warranty period. The warranty period covers bugs or missing functions of the software itself. It is free to modify. However, for external maintenance, the maintenance fee will be negotiated with the customer. We will usually help with some things that are not a big workload. Software outsourcing itself is a service industry. But sometimes enough is enough. Some customers don’t understand much and think it’s just as simple as this. I will explain to them that there will be workload and fees.

This is a rough process. During the specific execution process, it will be modified according to the project. There are also some matters that need to be paid attention to in each process. The general project development process There will be changes in demand in China. Both parties cooperate in good faith and in a serious and responsible attitude to help customers solve the problem as much as possible.

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