• What are the small program development and production platforms?

    Original title: What are the small program development and production platforms? Many merchants hope to open mini programs to gain more business. But who to find to build the mini program is a headache. Today, let’s analyze it for merchants: What kinds of companies provide small programs, how much does it cost to develop, and who should you trust? There are three main types of companies that supply mini programs: WeChat platform (Tencent), software companies, and agents. The first WeChat platform (Tencent), as the pioneer of mini programs, provides merchants…

  • How to develop takeout mini-programs to improve profitability?

    Nowadays, many merchants have developed takeout applets, such as some milk tea shops, hot pot restaurants and other catering and gourmet restaurants. If these applets are done well, they can not only help merchants increase their traffic, but also greatly increase their profits. So how can the development of takeaway applets improve profitability? Here, the editor will give you a simple analysis and summary based on previous customer cases. I hope it can help customers and friends in need. The content is for reference only. 1. Improve through online and…

  • A brief discussion on the development trend of clothing e-commerce mini programs

    A brief discussion on the development trend of clothing e-commerce mini programs In recent years, the development of the e-commerce industry has caused “severe business losses” to physical merchants in all walks of life, and the clothing industry is no exception. Therefore, many clothing merchants have also poured into the e-commerce industry to develop. However, due to the recent It has become increasingly difficult for traditional e-commerce platforms to obtain public traffic, which has prevented most clothing merchants from gaining more room for profit growth, leading to stagnation. The launch…

  • What are the types of benefits of local life service APP development?

    With the popularization of mobile terminals such as smartphones and tablets, users’ consumption methods, consumption habits and consumption behaviors have changed. Traditional companies must change their marketing methods to seize mobile users. The local life service APP integrates offline physical business resources such as catering, beauty salons, leisure entertainment, fitness and medical care in local cities, and presents them to mobile Internet users in the form of “online stores”. Through the local life service platform, it provides users with convenient, fast and comprehensive business information, while promoting offline consumption through…

  • Why are mini programs preferred for community group buying models?

    In the past two years, the “commercial war” of community group buying can be said to be fierce. After all, from a market perspective, fresh vegetables are the first choice necessities of consumers in life, that is, high-frequency rigid needs, and mini programs are entering this huge market. The platform in the “track” can achieve the lowest cost and high returns, so it has also introduced many merchants into the community group buying mini-program operating model. In particular, it is not difficult to find that now everyone from Meituan to…