What fields are WeChat mini programs suitable for?

WeChat Mini Programs have been with us for several years. Many industries have basically settled in Xiaocheng. Nowadays, various WeChat Mini Programs have been developed. So what fields are WeChat Mini Programs suitable for?

Here I will share it with you. The content is for reference only, I hope it can help everyone.

What fields are WeChat mini programs suitable for?

1. E-commerce industry: WeChat mini programs can develop the same functions as e-commerce APPs. For example, big brand e-commerce companies such as Dongdong and Duoduo have basically settled in mini programs.

2. Catering industry: Ordering takeout on the WeChat mini program is nothing new. You can also scan the code to order, make online reservations, grab takeout coupons, takeout rebates, etc.

3. Fresh food delivery: Users can also purchase fresh vegetables through the WeChat mini program, then place an order and pay, and the merchant will deliver the goods. After the goods are delivered, the user can also leave a five-star review.

4. Video live broadcast: Live videos can also be developed on mini programs. Users can also interact with anchors to reward them. Users can also start live broadcasts by themselves.

5. Enterprise field: Many enterprises use mini programs for publicity, promotion, and marketing, and the marketing effect of mini programs is also relatively good. Many enterprises are using them.

6. Service industry: Many mini programs in the service industry basically provide discounts, marketing promotions, and online reservations and other functions on the mini program.

7. Game field: WeChat mini programs have appeared in the public eye as mini programs from the beginning, and many mini games can be realized through mini programs.

8. Office field: Viewing and modifying documents and viewing and modifying tables can also be achieved through small programs. Many big-name office software companies have already settled in.

9. Education field: Use mini-programs to sell courses, register on mini-programs, and live-stream courses to connect offline and online education models.

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