• What are the types of mini programs that make money on WeChat?

    Mini programs have been online for a long time, but for many self-employed businesses or individuals who want to start a business, it is still a relatively new field. Why do you say this? The data shows that so far, the proportion of companies entering Mini Programs is much higher than that of self-employed individuals, which means that the proportion of self-employed businesses and individuals entering Mini Programs is still relatively low. , so the editor believes that mini programs are a very friendly platform for small businesses or individuals…

  • Flexible employment platform development-How to settle the expenses incurred between enterprises and flexible employment individuals?

    Many people have great worries about the settlement of corporate and personal expenses and don’t know how to deal with it. In fact, there is a very useful system that they have not thought of, and that is the flexible employment system. Enterprises and individuals directly settle expenses, neither conducting transactions through the platform nor obtaining any compliance certificates from individuals. Not only can the authenticity of the employment cannot be proven, but also because the costs are not recorded, the enterprise faces excessive expenditures and high risks. situation. If…

  • How Small Software Development Companies and Individuals Can Acquire Customers

    At present, a good software outsourcing company is not hard to come by. For any brand introduction, successful cases are not as real as real user word-of-mouth and a reasonable mechanism. Let me talk about the practitioners in the software industry first. The so-called practitioners in the software industry are mainly programmers, testers, product managers, project managers, and some sales and professional managers who work in software companies. In fact, software outsourcing is essentially the same as other businesses in the society. If someone needs to use software, there must…