Building a better city – urban app development

With the portability of smartphones and the practicality of app software development, all walks of life have developed their own application software.

Government departments began to adapt to the development trends of the times, provide better services to citizens, and began to develop urban applications. City apps are developed to enable citizens to help governments run their cities. This is a new type of urban management approach.

Building a better city - urban app development
APP development

1. Sophistication of mobile Internet technology promotes government app development

Our country has a large population, and every city has a large population, especially in first- and second-tier cities. City management is prone to mistakes. The government does not have many heads and six arms, and there are still some areas that cannot be touched or even discovered in time. At this time, it requires the cooperation of the public to solve it together. On the one hand, the government’s development of city applications is a platform to provide services to citizens. On the other hand, it allows citizens to participate in city management and can also make suggestions or complaints about government work or personnel, which is conducive to citizens’ better understanding of the city. Supervise government work.

2. Chongqing’s city management application software

It is understood that the Chongqing Municipal Government has developed a city app called the “Citizen City Pass” client. It is mainly used by citizens to report and upload city violation information through mobile phone photography or video.

The editor knows that the Chongqing Municipal Government is developing the city application software to allow citizens to participate in city management and supervision. With the popularity of smart phones, workers in any profession can feel the convenience brought by smart phones. Both government workers and ordinary citizens use app software very frequently. People often use application software such as Weibo or WeChat to monitor city transactions on their smartphones. In order to make it easier for citizens to think about urban problems and for the government to more conveniently calculate urban management problems, the municipal government developed the city management app development client.

Currently, in addition to the enterprise sector developing apps to add competitive advantages and expansion channels, the government sector is also keeping pace with the times. Provide more ways for people to respond. The “Citizen City Exchange Customers” developed by the Chongqing Municipal Government is a new way that is worth learning from other local government departments so that citizens can participate more actively in urban management.

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