How Small Software Development Companies and Individuals Can Acquire Customers

At present, a good software outsourcing company is not hard to come by. For any brand introduction, successful cases are not as real as real user word-of-mouth and a reasonable mechanism.

How Small Software Development Companies and Individuals Can Acquire Customers
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Let me talk about the practitioners in the software industry first. The so-called practitioners in the software industry are mainly programmers, testers, product managers, project managers, and some sales and professional managers who work in software companies.

In fact, software outsourcing is essentially the same as other businesses in the society. If someone needs to use software, there must be companies or individuals in the market that provide such services. We are not going to discuss those big companies here, the way they get business is beyond the scope of our discussion.

Let’s talk about how small companies and individuals can acquire customers who need software. Generally, companies or individuals with such needs mainly use two methods to find software developers. One is to ask in your circle of friends whether there are reliable software companies, and the other is to search online.

Searching on the Internet is nothing more than searching on Witkey websites such as Baidu or Zhubajie. I don’t have the financial resources to advertise on Baidu, and I don’t want to go to those Witkey websites to compete with others for thousands of dollars to start a website business, so I The main source of business is the introduction of acquaintances in the circle and the recommendation of customers by customers. When it comes to acquaintances in the circle, there are also two types. One is that a friend of my acquaintance finds him to recommend a software company, so he recommends me; Business introduction to me. Of course, you need to introduce fees to others, and the specific amount is up to you to discuss, as each project is different. Anyway, the principle is that you should evaluate for yourself whether you are satisfied with the benefits you get after removing his referral fee. Of course, you also need to consider whether the person who introduces business to you will introduce new business to you in the future.

So after talking for a long time, almost none of my business is obtained by calling strangers on my own initiative, because I feel that doing so is tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack. I am not a big company, and strangers have no recognition of your ability. You know, to obtain this business, the cost is too high. In this way, I am not so much looking for direct customers, but rather looking for “channel providers”. The logic is this: things like software outsourcing are almost non-sustainable. After the project of customer A is completed, it is difficult to have new projects for you in the short term, so you have to build a relationship network, and each node on the Internet has its own network.

To build this network, the most important thing is two points: the first is to let others believe that you can successfully deliver outsourcing projects, so as not to damage their trust in the circle of friends, because you can meet with customers to communicate needs, and even Winning the project is all because of your friend’s endorsement of trust. The second is that you must give enough benefits to friends who introduce outsourcing projects, because when others introduce you to outsourcing projects, it is essentially a business. If you don’t discuss the benefits clearly and implement them according to the agreement, you believe me. You will no longer be friends.

To sum up, in the part of finding customers, the key point is not to spend too much energy looking for direct customers, but to build up your own “channel dealers”. The ideal channel dealers are practitioners in the software industry. Their friends have For software requirements, they will be consulted. If you “collude” with them, you will naturally have more potential projects and a greater probability of signing the contract.

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