Basis for e-commerce mini program development and production prices

Nowadays, e-commerce mini-programs are becoming more and more popular among corporate merchants. Investment and development of e-commerce mini-programs has become one of the important projects for many companies. However, the problem that troubles many ignorant people is always the issue of price. So what is the basis for determining the price of current e-commerce mini program development and production?

Basis for e-commerce mini program development and production prices
Mini program development

Here the editor will give you a simple analysis based on previous cases.

Development prices are generally based on development needs, server size, development company, and development method. I have said many times before that the most important thing that affects the development price is the development demand. The more complex your mini program development needs are, the higher the development price will be. The simpler your mini program development needs are, the cheaper the development price will be.

The second is the size of the server. The same is true for some companies. Their brand awareness is relatively high and their traffic is relatively large, so the demand for servers will be relatively high, and thus the price will be relatively high. On the contrary, some companies can use relatively small traffic if their traffic is not that large. A smaller one will do.

Why does the development company also affect the development price? Different small program development companies will have different quotations. The quotations of larger companies will be relatively higher, while the development prices of small and medium-sized development companies will be slightly lower.

Another point is the development method, such as custom development and template development. Custom development is much more expensive than template development, but custom development is completely based on the functional mode and style you want, while template development is only based on existing There are templates that can be modified to what you want, but their function sections cannot be modified.

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