What basic functions are needed to develop a zodiac chat APP?

Sharing of basic functional solutions for zodiac chat APP development

Do you believe in horoscopes? Does anyone around you believe in horoscopes? Although horoscopes have no scientific basis, they are more interesting and curious. Nowadays, many young people also like to study some horoscope knowledge and analyze each other’s personality characteristics through horoscopes.

So what are the basic functions required to develop a horoscope chat APP?

What basic functions are needed to develop a zodiac chat APP?
Constellation APP Development

1. Detailed explanation of constellations: Users can see a detailed introduction of each constellation here and understand the constellations more clearly.

2. Horoscope: Understand the various fortunes of the horoscope. You can learn more about them here. They will be different every day.

3. Zodiac sign matching: Friends who want to date can do zodiac sign matching here to see which zodiac sign matches theirs.

4. Social sharing: If you find it interesting, you can also share your horoscope or pairing to your social circle.

5. Fun tests: There are more new related fun tests, so that users can get the happiness they want in the APP, as well as horoscope information.

At the same time, you can invite professional astrologers to settle in, open a live broadcast room, and share horoscope knowledge with users online.

If there was such an APP, would you use it?

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