Shanghai Micro Official Website Development Company: What should we pay attention to when designing and developing an enterprise micro website?

Many companies and brands have developed microsites and microofficial websites. Responsive website development has been favored by companies and brands in recent years and is commonly used in the development and production of microofficial websites. The design and development of pages should be based on user behavior and device environment ( System platform, screen size, screen orientation, etc.) to respond and adjust accordingly. One website can handle the three terminals of PC/mobile phone/tablet, and can be used as both an enterprise official website and an enterprise micro-official website.

The professional Shanghai Micro Official Website Development Company New Mileage Technology is here to talk to you about what you need to pay attention to when designing and developing a micro official website?

Shanghai Micro official website development company
Shanghai micro official website development company case

Planning and design of micro-official website icon

In the planning and development process of responsive websites, the planning of images has always been a key focus. The most important thing is that the picture requirements change according to the user’s viewing terminal. And there will be no problems such as incomplete display, blank expansion, and picture herds. Secondly, it is almost natural for users to use gestures on touch screens. Therefore, when designing responsive images, gesture operations such as sliding operations give users more power and make the experience more realistic.

Planning of micro-official website structure

In fact, for webmasters who do not understand the construction of responsive websites, the Internet still does not recommend using structural methods to build responsive websites, which may cause duplication of styles, conflicts between content categories, and excessive web page load. Therefore, using the overall structure of the website to build a responsive website needs to be in line with your own actual situation, and then proceed after positioning your own needs.

Design of user experience for micro-official website

User experience is one of the fundamental reasons for whether a website can survive, among which the user experience of responsive websites is even more important. The most common mistake in responsive website construction is that it is normal to browse on the PC, but it becomes weird when it is viewed on a mobile phone or tablet, which is very bad for the user experience. Therefore, when building a responsive website, you should browse and test it on multiple different browsing terminals, and confirm it repeatedly before going online.

Design of the navigation column of the micro-official website

This is the final point of the Internet. The display of the navigation bar may sometimes be insignificant on the desktop, but when viewed on the mobile terminal, the navigation should be hidden as much as possible and then appear when needed. For example, buttons for switching left and right and dots indicating the reading direction are best displayed after the cursor moves up. Such a design can not only prevent users from being distracted, but also avoid conflicts between content and navigation elements, reducing the overall design complexity. A sense of chaos.

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