How to carry out the overall planning of corporate website construction?

How to make an overall plan for corporate website construction? What is website planning?

It refers to the concept of overall website construction. Website layout design, function implementation, website construction goals, website content, website SEO optimization, etc.

If there is no good planning before website construction, you will encounter many problems during the website construction ( without a central idea. Site construction must take user experience into consideration, so you need to plan well before building a website.

How to carry out the overall planning of corporate website construction?
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1. Construction goals: Both corporate and personal construction have clear goals. Whether it’s charity, sales or awareness, they all have their own goals.

In fact, the purpose of website construction is positioning. After determining the goal of website construction, website planning also has a direction to strive for.

Site planning should also be planned according to this positioning, including functional design, content construction, site optimization, etc.

Without goals, it will be difficult to build a website.

2. Fund budget: Fund budget issues have a great impact on website construction. In short, how much does a website cost?

Capital investment includes maintenance, optimization and promotion expenses in the early and late stages of website construction and operation. If funds are sufficient, we can build a large website. With financial support, good services can be provided in construction and maintenance, and the development of the website will be accelerated.

If there are insufficient funds, the website startup will be slow and it will be difficult to achieve the expected results. Therefore, when planning the website, it is necessary to build the website reasonably according to the financial budget.

3. Function planning: Functional design of the website is the key to website construction, and function realization is the prerequisite for achieving website goals.

The most basic functions of the website are: product display, personal contact information, registration and login functions, company introduction, etc. More advanced are the background management functions, news information functions, member management, etc. Be sure to design the functional modules of the website.

4. Content construction: What kind of site is created, then what kind of content is displayed on the site.

Different types have different website content. Usually, the content of a corporate website includes company introduction, product display, services, etc. Something unique needs to be planned.

5. Post-promotion: Although the website is not actually launched before it is officially launched, the promotion of the website should be done before the website is established.

If you plan well, you can get a lot of traffic when your website is first launched, which will also help your website rankings. In website construction, website planning can refer to the above content, I hope it can help you.

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