Shanghai Website Maintenance Company: What does website maintenance include and what does it mainly do?

Why do you need website maintenance? A good website needs to update content regularly or irregularly in order to continue to attract more visitors and increase visits. Website maintenance is to ensure that your website can run stably on the Internet for a long time

The professional Shanghai website maintenance company New Mileage Technology is here to talk to you about what website maintenance includes. What does website maintenance mainly do?

Shanghai Website Maintenance Company
Shanghai Website Maintenance Company

Website maintenance includes a lot of content. In addition to uploading data and updating news, it also includes page modification, function expansion, column optimization, operating environment maintenance, website security maintenance, website server security maintenance, etc.

Website content maintenance, such as uploading data, adding news, etc., is relatively simple. However, if the company’s requirements are relatively high and the page layout needs to be beautiful with pictures and texts, a certain amount of professional knowledge is still required.

Website page modification, function expansion, column optimization, operating environment maintenance, website security maintenance, and website server security maintenance require personnel with professional knowledge to handle it.

Shanghai Website Maintenance Company New Milestone Technology, a professional Shanghai website maintenance company, provides services to you

1. Website server maintenance

The server system conducts regular security inspections, detects viruses, Trojans or website backdoor scripts and programs, and promptly updates and installs patches.

Ensure website response speed. Ensure that the website runs uninterrupted throughout the day. Ensure the website opening speed (generally the homepage opening speed is no less than 3 seconds). You must ensure that the website can be accessed normally within 24 hours a day.

2. Website security maintenance

Such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, text upload vulnerability detection, ddos, cc attack protection, CDN acceleration protection

3. Website function detection and log analysis

Regularly check website security settings and check various website functions. Always pay attention to website security management to prevent website intrusion, check various functions of the website, and check whether there are any problems with links.

4. Website SEO keyword database expansion

The SEO keyword database will be expanded every month so that companies can accurately guide customer inquiries. For example, 20 long-tail keywords are added every month for the customer’s industry.

Shanghai Website Maintenance Company
Shanghai Website Maintenance Company

5. Website article publishing

Based on the SEO keyword library customized for customers, Lanchang releases targeted articles every month with optional gradients ranging from 30, 50, and 100 articles.

6. Release of website friend links and external links

Lan Chang customizes monthly friend link and external link release work for customers based on their relevant industries.

7. Website maintenance monthly report

Monthly reports include: traffic report, keyword ranking report, external link report, friend link report, etc.

For more information on Shanghai website maintenance, please contact our customer service staff for information.

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