What is a micro official website? How to develop a micro-official website?

Everyone should have heard of PC websites and mobile websites, so what is a micro-official website? How to develop a micro-official website?

The micro official website is a cross-platform marketing website that is effectively compatible with major operating systems such as iOS, android, and WP, ​​and can be easily linked to applications such as WeChat and Weibo. WeChat is actually equivalent to a browser. As long as the H5 mobile page is designed and produced, it can be accessed directly through WeChat.

The micro-official website brings a new light marketing model. It faces hundreds of millions of WeChat users, and the business opportunities it contains are unlimited. Therefore, micro-official website development has a good commercial marketing effect and is more suitable for the development of modern websites. Let’s talk about the development process of the micro-official website.

What is a micro official website? How to develop a micro-official website?
Micro official website

1. Application interface

Open an interface in the background of the WeChat public platform so that the subsequent WeChat official website link can be placed in the WeChat public account.

2. Verify website

After submitting the information, the WeChat server will send a GET request to the filled-in website address, and then verify the request. If it is confirmed that this GET request comes from the WeChat server, the access will take effect.

3. Build a website

After the above verification of URL validity is successful, the access will take effect and you will become a developer. Then choose your own development model and connect to a third-party platform, usually some self-service website building platforms that provide micro-official website development templates, so that we can build the framework of the micro-official website relatively quickly.

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