Distribution system development-what can the boss do if he can’t get commission?

A is the agent owner, a2 is his salesman, and the salesman has developed a cooperative store. C1c2 is a consumer. Consumers purchase goods from the cooperative store. The cooperative store has a 30% commission, and the recommended salesman has a 15% commission. Commission, then this is a kind of secondary distribution. How can Boss A solve the problem if he cannot get commission?

Distribution system development-what can the boss do if he can’t get commission?
Distribution system

There are four ways to get your boss money.

The first is to change the second-level partition mode to third-level.

The cooperative store gets one level, the salesperson gets two levels, and the boss gets three levels, so that the boss can get the money.

However, cooperative stores definitely hope that consumers can continue to bring new customers and get more new members. Therefore, when consumers undergo fission, not only the bosses and salesmen of the cooperative stores may also not get the second or third level commissions. So this is not the best solution, although the boss can sometimes get money.

The second option is to set the boss as the partner team leader.

Give the boss a team management allowance. All team members who split from the boss branch, including salesmen, and cooperative store owners will receive a team award, so the boss can get money.

But with the same problem, cooperative stores still hope that consumers can fission. When consumer fission exceeds the third level, cooperative stores and salespeople may not get commissions. At this time, only the boss may get the commissions. , This greatly reduces the enthusiasm of cooperative stores and salesmen.

The third option is to turn cooperative stores into team partners.

As for the boss, as the original team leader, he enjoys an education award, which is the cooperative store’s tribute to the boss as the team leader.

In this way, after the fission occurs, even if it exceeds the second and third levels, the cooperative store will have a team management allowance, the boss will always have an education award, and the boss will always get the commission.

Under this method, the only inconvenience is the salesperson, because the salesperson is not the team leader. After wireless fission, that is to say, when consumers continue to fission into lower-level consumers, the salesperson may not get the commission. It will also reduce the enthusiasm of the salesperson.

The fourth method is to set the boss, salesperson and cooperative store as extremely poor team leaders.

For example, the cooperative store is junior, the salesperson is mid-level, and the boss is senior. There will always be a gap between the three levels.

After the consumer purchases, the cooperative store will receive a team management allowance. The salesperson and the boss will receive a grade difference award because they are the team leader of their superior. After such an order is generated, all three roles will receive awards. The commission is the highest based on their contribution compared to the cooperative store, followed by the salesperson, and then the boss.

I think this is the best way to have three roles in the same interest chain.

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