• Distribution system development-what can the boss do if he can’t get commission?

    A is the agent owner, a2 is his salesman, and the salesman has developed a cooperative store. C1c2 is a consumer. Consumers purchase goods from the cooperative store. The cooperative store has a 30% commission, and the recommended salesman has a 15% commission. Commission, then this is a kind of secondary distribution. How can Boss A solve the problem if he cannot get commission? There are four ways to get your boss money. The first is to change the second-level partition mode to third-level. The cooperative store gets one level,…

  • Denps Double Eleven Tmall Huge Deals Buy Healthy Goods and Enjoy Intimate Gifts

    The annual Double Eleven stocking season has entered the countdown stage, which coincides with the global health nutrition brand Denps ushers in the 10th anniversary of the brand, and a large wave of discounts and benefits is coming, sincerely rewarding Chinese consumers for their support and trust in the brand and products. Tmall Denps flagship store and Denps Overseas Flagship Store on Tmall International, both stores are open, with many highlights, hurry up to find out! Denps Flagship Store – Milk Powder and Probiotics Discounts, Multiple Benefits to Enjoy Event…