• How much does it cost to develop a community group buying mini program?

    Original title: How much does it cost to develop a community group buying app? Attached is a detailed quotation for the mini program How much does it cost to develop a community group buying app? The current development cost on the market is between 10,000-30,000, which includes mini program malls, group leader management tools and the number of community leaders. The following is an introduction to the community group buying mini program. Detailed quotation for procedure. 1. The mini program certification service fee is 300 yuan. This is required for…

  • What are the ways to make money through community group buying mini programs?

    At the beginning of 2020, the epidemic broke out in China, and people were forced to isolate themselves at home. Therefore, community group buying began to shine, and it became a hot topic in the capital market and venture capital circles. Nowadays, the daily revenue of many community group buying applets has increased from hundreds of thousands to It ranges from several million to several million. From this, we can see how popular the community group buying model is, and it has also attracted a large number of novice entrepreneurs…

  • How does the group-joining mini program carry out activities?

    How does the group-buying mini program carry out activities? The popularity of WeChat mini-program development is obvious to all. Among them, the group-buying mini-program has a “unique” marketing advantage that has led many merchants to choose to develop online businesses. However, although the group-buying mini-program is good, why not Knowing how to operate and carry out online activities will not bring about the effect of attracting new customers and creating user fission for merchants. Therefore, it is very necessary for merchants to carry out reasonable planning activities and set up…

  • Community group buying APP development and solutions

    At the Internet Conference, five new trends in my country’s future economy were proposed: new retail, new manufacturing, new finance, new technology and new energy. Among them, the new retail economy is currently developing relatively hotly. The development of community group buying APP can help companies better improve customer acquisition efficiency and reduce customer acquisition costs, so it has also been sought after by many merchants and continues to improve and progress in social development. Community group buying APP development and solutions 1. Product management: The platform can manage products,…