APP development price outsourcing development cost analysis

In the era of mobile Internet, APP development has become an inevitable trend. In the long run, having an APP with its own independent brand in the future is an important basis for survival and development. Therefore, many companies have started to develop APPs one after another, and the price of APP development has become one of the most concerned issues.

APP development price outsourcing development cost analysis
APP development price

Generally speaking, there are two factors that determine the price of APP development, one is the amount and complexity of demand, and the other is the manpower and time invested in APP development.

Therefore, the cost of APP development and production will also be determined according to the different needs of customers. Let me talk to you about the cost quotation of APP outsourcing development.

1. I want to find an APP outsourcing company to develop an APP for an enterprise website. The interface is simple and the functions don’t need too much

This kind of APP development does not require too much complicated technology, and a small team of several people can handle it, and the price generally ranges from a few thousand to 20,000 yuan.

2. Want to develop an e-commerce APP with complete functions and exquisite design

E-commerce APP needs to have many functions, such as login registration, message push, sharing, location, map, payment, logistics, security and so on. Beautifully designed pages are also required. The price is generally above 100,000.

3. Need a lot of special functions, such as face recognition, voice recognition and other artificial intelligence systems

At present, artificial intelligence is a relatively high-tech technology, and it is difficult to realize. Therefore, the price of APPs with these functions generally costs more than 200,000 yuan.

4. Want to develop a large-scale APP that can generate tens of millions of influence

First of all, this is a very courageous thing. Large-scale APPs are generally less likely to be outsourced. You can form a team for development by yourself. At this time, capital investment is a continuous process, and it will continue to be maintained and updated later, at least 5 million. left and right.

The above is the APP development price summarized according to different customer needs.

Different needs will affect the cost of APP development. Therefore, if customers want to know the quotation of APP outsourcing development, they must first analyze the functional requirements with the software development company in order to get an accurate quotation.

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  • 家电回收APP开发能解决那些问题?

    随着经济的发展,人们的生活水平也不断提高,这一点可以很好地体现在家电方面,现在人们的家电的更换频率是越来越高了,不像以前那样一个小电视都要小心翼翼地使用好多年。 家电的更换意味着废弃的家电也会越来越多,但它们一般都比较重,光靠自己处理可能就很费力。所以很多人会选择家电回收的第三方机构。 一、会有哪些问题 1、回收不方便:毕竟家电回收并不是随处可见的,要是想找人回收都可能有点难找,于是很多人就只能把旧的家电堆在家里,不知道怎么处理。 2、估价不准确:有的家电回收机构不是特别正规,因此他们对旧家电估价可能并不是特别准确,有可能还会压价,这样就会损害自身利益。 二、开发APP的优势 1、供需对接:家电APP为用户和回收机构提供了一个正规的对接平台,用户可以更加方便地找到正规的回收平台,而且还为双方提供了便利的信息交流渠道。所有入驻的家电回收机构都是会经过层层筛查的,用户不用担心会受骗什么的。 2、透明回收:家电APP对相关的家电都有确定的公开的价格,交易流程也是确定好的,用户和回收人员的对接全程透明,不用担心被坑。 3、增值服务:家电回收APP也可以不止做家电回收,还可以衍生一些其他的服务,就比如上门家电维修、家电购买等。 Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.Name *FirstLastEmail *Paragraph TextVerification Code * = Submit

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