What are the marketing advantages of Shanghai WeChat mini program development?

With the development and improvement of WeChat mini programs, more and more types of mini programs have appeared. Common types of mini programs include games and fragmented knowledge. Many businesses have seen the business opportunities contained in them and began to use mini programs for marketing, expanding their customer sources and increasing their profits.

What are the marketing advantages of Shanghai WeChat mini program development?
WeChat Mini Program

Compared with the traditional physical marketing model, this model has outstanding advantages and characteristics.

1. Convenient publicity: In order to expand sales, marketers will conduct appropriate publicity for their products. In physical sales, the purpose of publicity is usually achieved by distributing leaflets, promoting sales, or producing TV advertisements. With the advent of the information age, these methods have the characteristics of high cost but poor publicity effect. If you want to keep up with the times, you must improve your skills and grasp the general direction of the times, so the mini program marketing model came into being. Its publicity effect is stronger, and you can enter the mini program through QR code scanning, etc., saving advertising printing, human and material costs. As long as the operator updates the page regularly, product promotion can be carried out at any time.

2. Convenient and fast: The traditional shopping mode in China is shopping. The marketing model of the mini program is based on it. Viewers can search for the product they want to buy, confirm its usage and functions, and then click to pay for the purchase. Compared with micro-business, this model is more user-friendly. You can understand the product in detail without having to trouble agents to explain and introduce it in detail. This saves agents time and increases the number of customers. It is especially suitable for companies with a large number of customers and a large number of agents. Make a small program, invest once, and get permanent returns, saving a lot of costs. Micro-businesses who spend a lot of time updating their Moments to promote products may wish to design a mini program of their own to make it more personalized and attract purchases.

3. Large number of views: Many friends who are engaged in micro-commerce e-commerce have the trouble of having their messages blocked. They block them when they don’t want to buy goods, but they cannot find them quickly when they need them. Mini program marketing has successfully improved this. a little. You can only see it by pulling down the message list. You no longer have to worry about the messy circle of friends and being unable to like in time. In addition, you can scan the QR code to enter the mini program, which is convenient for those who want to purchase. You can also engage in activities where others forward QR codes to give discounts, which not only facilitates others, but also increases publicity. The increase depends on the number of clicks.

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