• How can WeChat official accounts and mini programs help merchants realize advertising monetization?

    How to use WeChat public accounts and mini programs to realize advertising monetization? In the past two years, the development of WeChat mini programs has been “unprecedented”. However, although many merchants have settled on the platform, they are not very good at using the “links” with other auxiliary tools on the WeChat platform. As a result, during the operation, they found that they were not able to integrate marketing Not to mention the rapid spread of promotion, it is still impossible to make a profit, and many merchants do not…

  • Prohibited word detection in website new advertising law_Prohibited word detection in PDF advertisement_Prohibited word detection service in online shop

    The new Advertising Law generally refers to the Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China. The Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China was formulated to regulate advertising activities, protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, promote the healthy development of the advertising industry, and maintain social and economic order. Since the advent of the new advertising law, many companies and brands will have the need to search for prohibited and illegal words in advertisements, search for prohibited words on websites, and check prohibited words in PDF…

  • Promotion of information flow advertising in Shanghai: How can information flow advertising be creative to attract users?

    Information flow advertising promotion refers to social media, information media, orAdvertisements in streams of audiovisual media content. The forms of information flow advertisements include pictures, graphics, videos, etc., which are characterized by algorithm recommendation and native experience. Targeted delivery can be carried out through tags, and you can choose push exposure, landing page or app download according to your needs. The final effect depends on Creativity + orientation + bidding three key factors. Xinli Information Technology is here to chat with you today: How can news feed ads be creative…

  • Advertising Landing Page Creation

    Ad landing page production Also known as the landing page is the first page that is linked to the website after the visitor clicks on the social media Douyin, Kuaishou, Moments advertisement or other advertisements. It can be understood as the first page entered after clicking the advertisement. We provide professional advertising landing page production_landing page production_H5 form development and production services Ad landing page production ability to effectively introduce your company The most important part of a homepage is how effectively it grabs the visitor’s attention. So the key…