Shanghai website optimization-how to operate and promote the website after it is built

How to operate and optimize the new website?

Some friends asked me how to operate and promote the website after it is built. Today I will tell you some key points in operation and promotion.

I believe that building a website is mainly for the company to get more business and increase the company’s performance and brand awareness.

Website operation refers to all work related to the later operation and management of the website in order to improve the efficiency of the website in serving users.

Website promotion is the process of taking effective methods to let more people know about and visit your website.

Website promotion is a very important part of the website building process. First, you must have substantial content or useful applications for users, and then adopt effective website promotion methods, plus a profit model that conforms to the characteristics of the website, in order to build and operate a website. Successful website.

Shanghai website optimization-how to operate and promote the website after it is built
Website construction

I summarized it, mainly in the following five points.

1. Don’t leave blank spaces in new websites. The most taboo thing about a newly built website is blank content, which affects search engine crawling. Therefore, the content of the new website must be completely filled in. Search engines will not like websites lacking content, which will affect income. , it will also make users distrustful because your website has not been built yet, or it is an abandoned website, etc.

Second, carefully check the text and picture layout of the website. If a user enters your website and finds that the website cannot be opened or there are typos, it will make the user feel disgusted and distrustful, and they may lose a user. target customers. Therefore, the text and image layout of the website must be based on the user experience, conform to the user experience, and make users feel good.

Third, in the early stage of promoting a newly launched website, you must use search engines and submit the website URL to major search engines. New inclusions should be optimized in key areas. Especially for foreign trade websites, you must go to Google to submit.

Fourth, determine the promotion goals, do not blindly distribute links, and do not exchange friendly links with other websites casually. This will make the website look messy, and if its website is demoted, it will also affect you, and even Customer data that affects subsequent search targets.

Fifth, upload key keywords and key articles on a regular basis to attract search engines to crawl your website regularly, increase the number of indexes, and acquire more customers. Obtain customers regularly, and you can also cooperate with bidding SEM to quickly acquire some target customers.

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