Shanghai logistics system development: What issues need to be paid attention to when developing a logistics management system?

Chengdu logistics system development: What issues need to be paid attention to when developing a logistics management system?

“Logistics industry + Internet” is the crystallization product of the logistics industry in the Internet data era. For logistics companies, controlling logistics costs is a key part of making profits. Various logistics cost management and control system designs are also being developed. Many logistics companies have used logistics management systems.

The development of logistics management information system is a complex system engineering. It involves knowledge such as logistics management theory, information system technology, and logistics information technology. It involves not only the transportation department, but also warehousing, dispatching, information centers, transportation areas and other departments.

Shanghai logistics system development: What issues need to be paid attention to when developing a logistics management system?
Shanghai Logistics System

So what points should we pay attention to during the development of logistics management system?

1. Reduce capital investment. Compared with the traditional model, the development of logistics management systems is more convenient to operate, reduces labor cost investment to a large extent, and can also help users track information faster and improve consumer satisfaction.

2. Enhance user experience. Customers only need to enter the logistics management system software through online communication, self-service ordering, information query and other functions anytime and anywhere. The development of the logistics management system builds a communication and marketing bridge between enterprises and customers. It also promotes the transformation of traditional logistics models into new logistics models.

3. Enhance corporate visibility and industry competitiveness. The transformation of traditional logistics into an information age industry has greatly enhanced corporate visibility, greatly enhanced corporate competitiveness, and made companies more confident in the transformation of the company’s internal operating model. It also has a profound impact on the modern development of the logistics industry.

4. The logistics management system has a wide range of applications. This system is suitable for production line operators, department managers, senior decision makers. The logistics management system can realize seamless connection between mobile terminals and enterprise management data by customizing and adjusting documents and interfaces according to the different needs of enterprises.

With the rapid development of the Internet, logistics capabilities continue to improve, and the scale of the logistics market continues to expand. The total social logistics cost accounts for 14.8% of GDP, far exceeding the level of most developed countries in Europe and the United States. In the new generation of logistics industry, the logistics and warehousing links are fully automated, and artificial intelligence technology promotes the realization of automated logistics sorting, automated item transmission, automated entry and exit, etc. in the warehousing process. Not only that, it can also track multiple transportation scenarios in real time, providing more efficient work advantages.

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