Advantages of enterprise website SEO optimization

What are the advantages of SEO optimization to attract customers?

SEO optimization is currently a more practical way of website promotion. The website does not promote and few people know about it. Many people think that website promotion is a ranking service that major search engines need to pay a certain fee. This is also one of the methods of website promotion, but it only accounts for about 30% of the total search usage.

The other 70% of the search volume (80% of which are Google and Baidu) is a natural keyword ranking, called natural ranking, which can only be obtained through SEO. SEO brings you real customers and then drives sales through relevant search engine clicks.

Advantages of enterprise website SEO optimization
Website SEO optimization

The most competitive battlefield, how does your website rank in Google or Baidu?

For a large search engine like Google or Baidu that indexes more than 3 billion data, the competition for website ranking is very difficult and fierce. If your website doesn’t have a significant presence in search engines, you’re losing users, or worse, your competitors are gaining them.

SEO service content: keyword analysis: analyze the search popularity of relevant keywords, and filter out the most suitable popular keywords for your website.

According to each enterprise’s different industries, different regions, different customers’ search habits, and different spending power, we will determine the most suitable keywords to help companies find relevant customers.

Search Optimization: Adopt professional SEO strategies to improve your website’s ranking in search engines.

Our service is to rank the main products (product keywords) of customers and enterprises in the top ten, top five, top three, or even _ on the homepage of Google or Baidu, so that enterprises can get more customers through our SEO services .

The advantages of enterprise website SEO optimization are as follows:

Focusing on user experience, the purpose of search engines is to easily obtain the required information. For example, if a company needs to do website optimization, the keywords that the company can search for can be: SEO optimization service, SEO. Obviously, what enterprises need now is a company that needs to do website optimization, so when you search for these keywords from Baidu, you will directly enter the website optimized website, and the corresponding page should introduce SEO related costs, company contact information, etc.

Of all promotions, the most effective is word-of-mouth promotion. The premise of word-of-mouth promotion is: pay attention to user experience, users can easily find what they need, and then users can collect your website and share it with users who have the same needs. Over time, a brand awareness is formed.

Facts have proved that enterprises are not afraid of throwing money, but are most afraid that attracting money will not work! SEO is a promotion method that pays for results. Only when the results come out, the company will attract money, and the economic benefits will be reflected immediately!

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