Why SEO Optimization Doesn’t Work Quickly

The reasons for the slow progress of SEO optimization

Generally, friends who do SEO website optimization must have encountered these situations. No matter how you explain it, the boss or the client will say that the ranking of keywords is too slow, and then use bidding and other marketing methods to compare with you. In this case, we will I feel aggrieved, so today we want to officially answer why SEO optimization can’t work quickly!

In this way, on the one hand, it can help the boss correctly understand SEO and adjust the company’s strategy in time. The second aspect can also help SEO workers expand their work in the right environment.

Why SEO Optimization Doesn't Work Quickly
SEO optimization

From the early SEO do not know to the later SEO is a myth. SEO is not a kind of magic, and there is no illusion of getting rich overnight in our real society. Today’s SEO is exactly the same as the operating rules of the real society. If you want to promote your website, you have to work hard on your website and rely on time, otherwise you have to spend money.

Rationalization and standardization are one of the development trends of search engine algorithms. how to understand. If a website suddenly collects 100 million pieces of data and imports them into the website, it will immediately get 5 million UV rays; if a website suddenly imports 200,000 links and searches for a keyword, it will immediately win the first prize. Can we still play this game.

All the work adjustments of SEO personnel need to wait for the time test of the search engine algorithm before seeing the changes in response.

The early search engine algorithms were not perfect, and there were many opportunities, but with the continuous improvement of search engine algorithms, most of them were solved after falling behind. As the saying goes, you always have to pay back when you come out to hang out.

SEO is the most valuable marketing method in the PC era, and SEO is also a kind of marketing promotion, but SEO is different from that kind of creative marketing. Creative marketing can detonate in an instant, and it doesn’t take any time to test whether the creative idea is good or not. The market can give this idea a feedback within two days.

In the PC era, search engines have a monopoly entrance. SEO is really what gets a website ranked and trafficked in search engines.

From the perspective of marketing promotion channels, SEO is a marketing promotion method worth choosing.

1. If the website is cultivated, the marketing will be more sustainable and basic;

2. The search engine has high accuracy;

3. Search engines have an unlimited number of potential customers;

4. Information integration, search for services and word of mouth are all through search.

We have also seen many websites do this project through SEO. But the investment behind this is at least from hundreds of thousands to several million.

Moreover, search engine traffic is no longer free traffic. The cost of Internet traffic is already very expensive, and various hidden cost inputs, even for SEO, require the input of other resources to do a good job in SEO. It’s not the stage where the SEO guys do some site tweaks and the content gets traffic.

Earlier, we said that search engines are actually simulating or borrowing some rules from the real world. When it comes to the logical relationship between a website and search engine rankings.

Keywords have a level of competition. On the current website, there are only words of any level.

Product and service oriented business sites have a hard time competing with informational sites. In addition to being an information-based website, its content and scale are larger and richer. It is also necessary to consider the needs of users. When users search for an industry word, they are more likely to want to understand industry trends rather than looking for service providers in the industry. Unless your entire industry is a service industry, there is no information.

Apart from Baidu’s official ranking, theoretically speaking, it is possible to compete for the ranking. So ask SEO staff to do it first. It should be investment, not technology. Then you can invest more. But considering that the search engine is not its own homepage, the homepage can be fine.

From the perspective of SEO personnel, it is not necessary to understand SEO directly from the perspective of SEO personnel, and it is not necessary from a technical point of view. In the final analysis, it is still an investment problem.

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