The appropriate application scenarios of blockchain must be analyzed based on the characteristics of blockchain technology itself.

As the most cutting-edge information technology achievements continue to be integrated into the financial industry, distributed ledger technology based on blockchain has emerged and has been explored and implemented in some scenarios (such as cross-border payments).

The appropriate application scenarios of blockchain must be analyzed based on the characteristics of blockchain technology itself.
Blockchain technology

1. Introduction to blockchain application scenarios

Blockchain technology has moved from pure technical discussion to the stage of application. A large number of blockchain-related companies and teams have emerged at home and abroad. A few companies have explored unique application scenarios based on their own business, but more companies are still in the stage of continuous exploration and verification.

The appropriate application scenarios of blockchain must be analyzed based on the characteristics of blockchain technology itself.

Blockchain can provide features such as decentralization, non-tampering, safety and reliability without introducing third-party intermediaries. Therefore, all activities that directly or indirectly rely on third-party guarantee institutions can benefit from blockchain technology. At present, the blockchain application fields that have attracted much investment attention mainly include financial services, credit and ownership management, resource sharing, trade management and other fields.

2. Financial services

The potential advantages brought by blockchain include reducing transaction costs and reducing cross-organization transaction risks. Blockchain applications in the field of financial services are currently attracting the most attention, and many banks and financial trading institutions around the world are the main promoters. Some investment institutions are also applying blockchain technology to reduce management costs and manage risks. However, when introducing blockchain technology, we must also pay attention to the problems and risks that may arise.

3. Credit information and ownership management

Digital management of credit information and ownership is the dream of both large social platforms and insurance companies. At present, the main technical problems in the field of credit reporting and ownership include the lack of sufficient data and analysis capabilities, the lack of reliable platform support and effective data integration management. Blockchain is believed to facilitate data transactions and flows, providing safe and reliable support. The threshold for the credit reporting industry is relatively high and requires the joint efforts of multiple resources.

4. Resource sharing

Sharing economy companies represented by Airbnb will welcome decentralized applications, which can reduce management costs. The resource sharing field has relatively concentrated themes and large design space, and has received a lot of investment attention.

5. Trade management

Blockchain technology can help automate cumbersome formalities and processes in the field of international trade and logistics supply chains. Trade management solutions designed based on blockchain will bring great convenience to the participating companies. In addition, the digitization of sales and legal contracts in trade, cargo monitoring and detection, real-time payment and other directions may become breakthroughs for startups.

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