How to find a Shanghai software development company?

Enterprises want to find a software company to design and develop a software. If they don’t know how to choose, which software development company is reliable, please refer to the following aspects.

How to find a Shanghai software development company?
Software development company

1. The office environment of the software company

The office environment of a reliable APP development company is generally not too bad. If the office address of the development company is in a residential building or a relatively remote place, it is relatively unreliable. Under normal circumstances, reliable development companies are located in entrepreneurial technology parks, high-tech zones, and office buildings. After all, development companies have more technical personnel.

2. Service quality of software companies

Service quality depends not only on after-sales service, but also on the pre-sales service when choosing an APP development company. In the early communication, the service attitude of the development company is also an expression of the company’s image. If even the basic communication in the early stage is not done well, and the basic function list is not well done, then the service in the middle and later stages is also obvious.

3. Important technical level

When it comes to technical level, I believe some customers will say, I don’t understand technology or code, how can I understand the overall strength of the development company? In fact, it is not difficult, and its technical strength can also be seen from the cases that the development company has done before. Go and see more cases developed and designed by APP development companies, you can download and experience the case APP yourself, and see how the UI design is, how smooth it is, and how the user experience is.

4. Companies that have worked with software development companies

You can check whether the development company has cooperated with large-scale or well-known companies, because large-scale or well-known companies, if they have business outsourcing, are generally open to the public for bidding, and the bidding companies are selected However, generally speaking, APP development companies that cooperate with large companies are very reliable.

5. Qualification certificate of the software company

The company’s business license is a must, and there are various other certificates. There must be many applications for app mobile phone software copyrights, which can also reflect the company’s capabilities.

6. Clear development process

Generally speaking, APP development must be done in accordance with a strict development process. Project negotiation, project planning, project approval, UI design, program development, project testing, online acceptance, post-maintenance. Every step needs to be determined by the customer. According to this process to develop and design, you can participate in the project at any time and check the real-time progress of the project.

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