• What do you need to learn about APP development?

    APP development is a broad concept that includes many technical directions, such as front-end and back-end. The front-end can be subdivided into UE, UI, and front-end programmers, and the back-end can also be subdivided into java, php, C#, and GO. , Ruby, C, C++, Python, etc. At present, the largest number of people and relatively easy to find jobs should be java back-end developers. The following is a detailed introduction to the APP development process and APP development tools that you need to master if you want to be a…

  • Steps and processes of mini program development

    Recently, I keep hearing friends say, “How difficult is it to develop a small program?” or “What division of labor is required to complete the development of a small program?” Therefore, today I will talk about the development of small programs from a development perspective. Generally speaking, there are several steps to develop a small program:1. Prototype design and UI designIf you have a designer on your team, you don’t even need a product manager. Just draw the first draft by hand to complete the UI design of the mini…

  • Small program development in Shanghai: How are small programs developed?

    WeChat mini-programs rely on WeChat traffic, and many companies have begun to deploy mini-programs, involving all walks of life, such as the Internet, the Internet of Things, office management, etc., all of which use mini-programs as mobile terminals, precisely because mini-programs do not need to be downloaded, just scan the code The convenience of use is very popular among users. Based on years of experience in small program development, Shanghai Xinli Information Technology summarizes how small programs are developed. 1. Demand research When a customer wants to develop a small…

  • How to develop small programs in Shanghai? What are the steps?

    Many companies develop their own mobile terminal products, there are corresponding mini-program products related to the Internet, Internet of Things, office management, etc., and it is convenient for users to use without downloading and scanning the code. So, how to develop applets? Next, I will briefly introduce how small programs are developed. 1. Small program demand research In the early stage, it is necessary to conduct demand research on customers, mainly to understand the usage scenarios and functional processes of the mini program. Only by figuring out what goals the…