Learning: Introducing how to learn APP from the eight steps of the software development process

What do you need to learn about software development?

Many novices who have just started learning programming or have zero basic knowledge of coding will have such questions. Only by sorting out the knowledge framework of app development can we successfully carry out app-related work.

So, what programming languages ​​do we need to master to learn APP development, what app development tools are used, and what knowledge related to APP do we need to know?

Learning: Introducing how to learn APP from the eight steps of the software development process
Software development

Below, we will introduce how to carry out APP learning from the eight steps of the software development process:

1. Preliminary demand planning and information and interaction design – it is necessary to develop a complete demand document, functional document, flow chart, and sequence diagram.

2. Interaction design, UI design – design basic and complete prototype diagrams and app-based interactive design effects, and then design a complete UI interface based on these and learn to cut pictures. Some material pictures that need to be adapted need to be made. Click 9patch. Here you also need to understand the conversion between px, pt and dp, the conversion of screen density and the coefficients between them, so that the app can perfectly adapt to devices with different resolutions. Among them, interaction design requires a lot of skills and experience in human-computer operation and mastering the use of interactive tools such as Axure. UI design requires mastering operations such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

3. To use a development environment such as ADT for app development, the most basic thing is to master the Java language and be familiar with the Android environment and mechanism. This involves a wide range of topics. Please learn relevant knowledge by yourself according to the project. If it is not a stand-alone app and requires the use of a server, you must also master WebService related knowledge and development languages. Commonly used ones include http://ASP.Net, PHP, JSP, etc.

4. Familiar with and able to develop databases.

5. Some functions require algorithms, which also require certain professional knowledge, especially mathematical foundations.

6. Familiar with API interface development, including the ability to develop APIs by yourself and experience in calling third-party APIs.

7. Familiar with TCP/IP, socket and other network protocols and related knowledge.

8. Be proficient in the App publishing process, real device debugging skills, certificates, packaging, and putting on shelves.

For technical novices who want to quickly develop an app software, to develop an app from scratch, you need to systematically learn the above series of software development knowledge. This is undoubtedly a complicated project, but learning one of the directions can start from scratch. It will take at least half a year to start self-taught and master it. It can be seen that developing an APP requires the division of labor and cooperation of technical personnel in various positions and functions to complete.

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