• Building a better city – urban app development

    With the portability of smartphones and the practicality of app software development, all walks of life have developed their own application software. Government departments began to adapt to the development trends of the times, provide better services to citizens, and began to develop urban applications. City apps are developed to enable citizens to help governments run their cities. This is a new type of urban management approach. 1. Sophistication of mobile Internet technology promotes government app development Our country has a large population, and every city has a large population,…

  • WeChat mini program has become the new standard for “assisting” online government services

    With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, due to the addition of WeChat mini programs, when the traditional provision of government services cannot simplify the process, mini programs have led a new service platform. As of 2021, there are more than 30,000 government-type WeChat mini programs across the country. , providing more convenient, faster and more efficient online government services for people’s lives, and with the advancement of the epidemic, the relationship between mini programs and government services has become closer. So, why is it said that WeChat mini…