What are the advantages of developing mini programs for physical stores?

What are the advantages of developing mini programs for physical stores?

At present, many physical store merchants feel that it is becoming increasingly difficult to carry out offline marketing activities. In fact, they have fallen into a “misunderstanding” and are still stuck in the concept of planned marketing 10 years ago, so of course The resulting store conversion effect will naturally not be as expected, and business will become increasingly difficult. So should we develop a WeChat mini program to enter a new operating model? Let’s follow the editor to see what are the advantages of developing small programs in physical stores?

What are the advantages of developing mini programs for physical stores?
Mini program development

Why choose mini programs to access digitalization? First of all, the development cost of mini programs is relatively suitable for physical store merchants. The investment is small, but the returns are very good, whether it is the user traffic brought from the WeChat platform or the mini programs can develop various types of online malls. The operation form of marketing activities is one of the ways that physical offline merchants can regain users.

Easy to form private domain

In the WeChat mini program, because you can jump to link to the video account, Moments, WeChat public account, and WeChat friends on the WeChat platform, it is easy for those who have settled in the WeChat mini program platform to achieve the effect of “spreading fission”. This is also One of the reasons why so many companies and merchants have begun to pay attention to small programs is that in this ecological environment that is easy to spread, the order conversion rate can be effectively improved, and it can also form a private domain effect.

Can solve pain points

The pain points mentioned here are basically industry pain points that cannot be solved in traditional physical stores. For example, when service quality and customer experience cannot be improved, online reservations, online pickup, online ordering, online payment, etc. can be realized with the help of WeChat mini programs. Functions allow customers to feel more convenience and convenience, thereby cultivating customer loyalty and making physical store sales more stable.

Of course, WeChat mini programs can bring future business models to physical store merchants, rather than just being an auxiliary tool. I believe that in the next few years, they will be widely used in new retail sales methods that integrate online and offline. Let physical store merchants gradually get out of the existing predicament and enter profitability.

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