How can intra-city delivery mini-programs open up a new landscape for the industry?

How can intra-city delivery mini programs open up a new landscape for the industry?

In recent years, as the sales model of e-commerce online shopping has been sought after by mass users, the need for the traditional online goods distribution industry to improve service quality and delivery speed has become a major “criticism” in the industry. For the traditional distribution industry, The extended intra-city delivery service can meet the needs of users shopping online in the same city for product delivery, and using the WeChat mini-program platform for intra-city delivery services can also allow the effects of promotion and marketing to be conveyed to online users in need more quickly , of course, the main purpose of developing the WeChat mini program for intra-city delivery is to open up a new pattern in the traditional distribution industry and lay a certain foundation for the new development path. So specifically, how does using the WeChat mini program as the entrance create a new pattern for the intra-city distribution industry? Woolen cloth? The editor below will take you to learn more about it.

How can intra-city delivery mini-programs open up a new landscape for the industry?
Mini program development

1. Simplify the ordering process and speed up delivery time

In traditional online shopping delivery services, even goods in the same city take 1-2 days to be delivered to customers. This means that all processes in traditional delivery services need to be simplified and improved, while those using WeChat mini programs The feature of instant ordering without downloading can effectively simplify the ordering process for delivery services, allowing customer service to quickly place orders and quickly receive the goods that need to be received immediately. It can be said that it can effectively speed up the acceleration time of intra-city delivery.

2. Transparent delivery information to reduce product loss

In the traditional delivery industry, product packages often get lost, which causes losses to both delivery merchants and customers. In the intra-city delivery WeChat mini program, first of all, merchants can effectively manage user delivery information, and at the same time, it can also set up settings in the background. Give users the authority to query orders and truly make product distribution and logistics information “transparent”, thereby reducing the probability of product loss.

3. Intelligent logistics management to improve work efficiency

The addition of intra-city delivery services to the WeChat mini-program is a unique way to realize mobile management of all service work. This not only allows employees to handle delivery orders without environmental restrictions, but also improves work efficiency to a greater extent. In addition, intra-city delivery mini programs can save communication costs based on WeChat positioning and WeChat online video functions, and can truly achieve one-stop monitoring to reduce the occurrence of various problems with delivery orders.

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