WeChat applet development

Various WeChat mini programs have been developed. In addition to more commercial mini programs such as mall mini programs, distribution mini programs, reservation mini programs, takeout mini programs, and live broadcast mini programs, there are also fortune telling mini programs. Marriage test applet and so on.

So what can these fun little programs be used for? Here the editor will give you a simple analysis.

WeChat applet development
Mini program development

1. Accumulate users: You can quickly attract a large number of users through interesting small programs. Many of them will post on their own WeChat Moments and attract more users through QR codes.

2. Store traffic: Merchants can use this type of mini-program test to test users’ fortunes. After the test, they will send a coupon to the user and then let the user go to the store to use it.

3. Selling goods: For example, testing how many discounts you can get, etc. These merchants can set up their own settings, and then users purchase goods based on the discounts.

Developing such interesting mini programs can not only help companies accumulate users, but also help store traffic, and even help companies sell goods. Mini programs themselves have many advantages, such as large traffic and fast dissemination speed, and corporate merchants who develop mini programs There are even more and more individuals, so if you want to open your own online marketing channels through mini program development, you have to develop some personalized mini programs that cannot be the same as the general public, so they will not be attractive. .

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