What should be paid attention to when developing software projects on site?

In the current epidemic period, the stability of many enterprises has been affected to a certain extent. More and more enterprises have begun to pay attention to human outsourcing and flexible employment. It is not very accurate, how can the functional departments cooperate to carry out on-site services?

What should be paid attention to when developing software projects on site?
On-site service

Next, let’s learn about what software projects need on-site development, and what should be paid attention to in on-site development:

1. Project deadline

Many software and non-software companies have such a situation. When the target period of the project is set and the related supporting work (such as operation and maintenance, marketing, and merchant resource docking) is ready or done, it is waiting for the time point of project delivery. , if it cannot be completed as scheduled, it will cause delays in other work responses. At this time, it will be very difficult for the HR department to recruit and add personnel temporarily, so purchasing third-party IT on-site development services can be a good solution .

2. Project delivery without follow-up tasks

Many projects of non-Internet companies are temporary or phased. Once the initial development task is completed, there will be no follow-up development work. Whether the personnel are idle or dismissed later will increase labor costs and risks. At this time, short-term tripartite procurement On-site service is very correct.

3. The project needs to be strictly controlled and cannot be stationed outside

Many companies’ projects can be completed by a third-party development company through the on-site method, but some projects must be developed in the company due to product rigor or confidentiality, but the short cycle is obviously not suitable for recruiting developers, then It can also be solved perfectly through the tripartite presence.

4. Continuous and phased employment of the project

This kind of situation is more common for project-based companies. The company will undertake software on-site projects from time to time, because the projects are undertaken irregularly and the work tasks are uncertain. Self-built teams can easily lead to idle personnel or lack of talent supply in the short term, and the HR department is often overwhelmed. Through the cooperation of the three-party on-site companies, this problem can be perfectly solved, greatly reducing the occurrence of idle personnel or temporary employment without people.

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