The development space and market prospects of blockchain in the future are really huge.

Is the future development space and market prospect of blockchain really so huge?

The development space and market prospects of blockchain in the future are really huge.

From my personal perspective, this is indeed the case, because when the development of science and technology reaches a bottleneck stage, people will continue to try to innovate through various technical means, and the key point of innovation is novelty. Only in this way will Only by reaching a user level can this industry develop better.

To be precise, the metaverse is no longer just a virtual spatial existence, but in people’s ideals, it is almost another existence comparable to reality. Use different forms to show and embody another value of your life. Faced with such a strong temptation, do you feel that there will be no room for market development?

Today, with the rapid development of intelligence in the 21st century, the Internet of Everything, intelligent carriers, and intelligent robots, all of these values ​​are people-oriented. How can people resist the feeling of being able to live in another world for once? ?

In my opinion, this form of metaverse has gradually become comparable to science fiction movies to a certain extent, allowing more concrete thoughts to be displayed in people’s field of vision, thus achieving a kind of satisfaction of human desires.

The uses and prospects of blockchain

If the metaverse is the core, then the blockchain is the overall link linking this core, which is equivalent to a bridge and connection between the real world and the virtual world.

So what is the value and significance of blockchain?

Uniqueness, decentralization and irreplaceability. These are the main features that enable blockchain to develop well and are immutable. So in China, although blockchain technology started late and the corresponding chain system is not complete, we have discovered the greatest benefits that blockchain has brought us.

Take this Winter Olympics as an example.

This Winter Olympics has established a complete food safety traceability system based on blockchain technology. It is understood that this system can determine the physical and digital identity of food, ensure that labels and traceability information cannot be forged or tampered with, and can realize temperature monitoring throughout the entire process, making it possible to check the source and destination of food and raw materials “from farmland to table” Can be chased.

In addition to the food safety traceability system, blockchain technology was also used in other aspects of this winter conference. On October 26, 2021, the Winter Olympics green power traceability application system based on the State Grid Chang’an Chain master node was officially put into operation at the State Grid Corporation of China’s Winter Olympics Power Guarantee Service Center. It is understood that the system integrates the green power module of the Beijing Winter Olympics power operation guarantee command platform, and relies on the independent controllable certificate storage capabilities of the Changan Chain to realize the production, transmission, transaction, and consumption of winter green power from trusted continental sources across the entire chain, reaching 100 %Green power supply provides data support.

Driven by many blockchain technologies, all walks of life have received a steady improvement, and the corresponding applications have become more extensive.

It is precisely because the country has seen the strong advantages of blockchain technology that in 2016, the State Council issued the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for National Informatization”, which for the first time included blockchain into the category of new technologies and made a cutting-edge layout, marking that our country Start to promote the development of blockchain technology and applications.

Then the digital renminbi was born, and those of us who were the first to use banknotes may also be the first to eliminate them. Because the digital age has opened a new door to the world.

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