What are the advantages and disadvantages of WeChat mini program custom development and template development?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of WeChat applet custom development and template development?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of WeChat mini program custom development and template development? I believe that friends who want to develop small programs want to understand these questions. Today I will take you to learn more about them.

There are many ways to develop mini programs. You can write your own code for development, purchase source code from other platforms for semi-self-development, form your own technical team for development, find an outsourcing team to customize mini program development, use template mini program development tools… Because you understand code, After all, there are only a few merchants and enterprises that have the funds to build technical teams, so most of them find outsourcing teams to customize, or use template-type small program development tools. So what are the differences between these two common methods of making small programs? Let’s break down the differences, advantages and disadvantages between WeChat applet custom development and template tool development.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of WeChat mini program custom development and template development?
Mini program development

1. Advantages and disadvantages of custom development of small programs:

The advantages and disadvantages of customization are obvious. The advantage is that you can make personalized mini programs, which are designed by the development team according to your specific needs. It can be said to be tailor-made. At the same time, after it is completed, you will have complete ownership of the source code. You can add functions or upgrade to APP later, and the data can be controlled by yourself.

The disadvantage is that the cycle is long and the customization process is complicated, mainly including “demand planning – demand analysis – demand confirmation – product prototype design – UI design – technology development – system testing – platform tuning – product It will take about a month or two to complete all these steps.

The price of mini program customization is relatively high, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, which is normal. Since the source code is re-developed, it takes a long time, usually more than one or two months. There is no doubt that this kind of capital and time cost is beyond the reach of small and medium-sized enterprises and ordinary merchants. It is more suitable for those with sufficient funds and high demand. large enterprise.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Template Mini Program Development Tools

Mini program templates are more suitable for novices and small and medium-sized businesses. The production speed is very fast. Novices can directly choose a template they like, then add the required sections, upload their own pictures, and edit the copy. If it is fast, they can generate their own in just ten minutes. Applets.

The production cost of templates is generally not high, ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands. E-commerce mini-programs with complex functions will be relatively more expensive, such as basic e-commerce templates, which cost more than 6,000 a year; the cost of simple functions Just low.

In addition, template mini program production tools usually have free function updates and upgrades; there is also a relatively complete after-sales service system to help maintain your mini program and answer various questions for you.

The disadvantage of the mini program template is that the source code does not belong to you, but to the platform; and you can only use the existing functional design on the template, and cannot develop it yourself, and cannot make it very personalized.

Whether you are developing customized mini programs or using templates to generate mini programs, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you are a large enterprise with sufficient funds and high requirements for mini programs, you can consider customization; if you are an ordinary merchant, small and medium-sized enterprise or individual, Then it is recommended that you still choose template-based applet development tools.

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