How does WeChat mini program development change our lives?

How small programs change our lives

As of May 2020, the number of daily active mini programs has reached 450 million. Nowadays, mini programs from all walks of life are increasingly closely integrated with users’ life scenarios. Whether at home, on the go, online or offline, mini programs can be seamlessly connected. This also means that the ecosystem of mini programs is expanding and the link system is becoming more and more complete. With the addition of giants such as Baidu and Alipay, Doesn’t it mean that mini programs are in an explosive period? It can be seen that the continued growth trend of mini programs is an inevitable result. “Multiple” also means the huge vitality of the mini program market, and merchants have more opportunities and possibilities.

Mini programs have fully penetrated into our lives, especially catering, shopping and other livelihood services, and are also slowly changing our lifestyles. So how does WeChat mini program development change our lives? ?

 How small programs change our lives

Mini programs have changed user habits

In the past, many APPs may have been installed on mobile phones. Some APPs were used very infrequently. Even some users of infrequently used APPs may be too lazy to uninstall them because they occasionally need to use them. Repeated installations are obviously troublesome. The mini program perfectly solves this trouble. There is no need to keep it. Just open the mini program page or search or scan to use it.

Mini programs improve user stickiness

No matter which industry you are in, users are the top priority for enterprise development. Mini programs can quickly enter offline and increase user stickiness. In the process of enterprise development, we should not only pay attention to the number of users, but also pay attention to the stickiness of users to the product. Mini programs can not only increase the number of users, but also improve user stickiness.

Mini programs have changed the channels through which merchants provide services

In the past, offline physical merchants needed to use platforms such as Meituan to connect to online Internet user resources. It cannot attract users, but it also needs to share profits with the platform. Through the development of small programs, merchants can directly reach WeChat’s 1 billion users, get rid of the big platform, build their own brands, expand their own marketing channels, and attract users.

Mini programs have changed the market direction

WeChat official account was not favored by people when it was first launched, and the same was true when the mini program was first launched. But as Tencent gradually releases the capabilities of mini programs, the commercial value of mini programs is increasing, and the mini program market is completely popular. Information about mini programs has exploded in WeChat Moments. Hundreds of mini programs are put online every day. Offline merchants have begun to use mini programs. Even Aladdin, which provides mini program data statistics services, received 10 million yuan in financing.

Mini program activates community profit

It is not a simple matter for enterprises to make profits through WeChat. The emergence of mini programs can activate a large number of communities within WeChat. Users only need to click on the mini program to help the company achieve profitability.

The arrival of mini programs has brought us unlimited convenience, and also brought huge benefits to businesses and businesses. We no longer need to limit ourselves to traditional marketing, but to target the whole country. Commodities and society are developing so fast now, and we look forward to more surprises to come.

Summary: Mini Programs interpret “more speed, more savings” through their superior online and offline connection capabilities. They not only bring convenience in life and commercial monetization, but also re-upgrade the industry model.

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