What functions are needed to develop a comic applet?

Original title: What functions are needed for comic applet development

With the development of the mobile Internet, more and more paper works have become a thing of the past. Obtaining information from mobile terminals has become a standard for contemporary young people, and comics are no exception. If you want not to be eliminated by society, you must keep up with the development of the times. , how to meet the needs of young cartoonists today requires the development of a cartoon mini program. This is an inevitable result of the future development of the cartoon industry. So, what are the specific functional modules for developing cartoon mini programs?

What functions are needed for comic applet development

Function modules of the comic applet:

1: Quick search

Users can search for the name of the comic author and the name of the comic through the mini program to get the comics of interest.

2:Read online

Users can read online through the comic applet, and can also collect comics. Try to check the update progress of the comics and never miss any updated content.

3: Settled in

Users can upload their own comic works to the comics mini program and become a painter of the comics mini program. After being reviewed by the mini program, they can sign a contract with the mini program artist.

4: Share

Users can share their favorite comic works online to their circle of friends or chat interface, and can obtain corresponding points, which can be used for watching and consuming comics.

5: Personal center

The user’s personal center can view points, collected comic works, viewing history, system messages and other contents.

What functions are needed for comic applet development

In the Internet era, a variety of entertainment methods provide services to users, and comic applets can help users kill boring time and create a warm and interesting environment for users.

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