• What functions are needed to develop a comic applet?

    Original title: What functions are needed for comic applet development With the development of the mobile Internet, more and more paper works have become a thing of the past. Obtaining information from mobile terminals has become a standard for contemporary young people, and comics are no exception. If you want not to be eliminated by society, you must keep up with the development of the times. , how to meet the needs of young cartoonists today requires the development of a cartoon mini program. This is an inevitable result of…

  • What is the main content needed in the development of WeChat official account?

    The main content required in the development of WeChat official account includes: account registration and authentication, basic settings, menu settings, message management, user management, material management, interface docking, data analysis, etc. The development of WeChat official accounts requires the comprehensive use of multiple functions and technologies to meet users’ needs for official accounts and provide a good user experience. New Mileage Technology, a professional WeChat public account development company, will introduce to you the main content needed in the development of WeChat public accounts. Account registration and authentication is the…

  • What certificates are needed for WeChat official account development

    The following types of certificates are required for WeChat official account development: 1. Business license: Before applying for a WeChat official account, you need to register a company and obtain a business license. The business license is the proof of the identity of the legal person of the enterprise, and it is also one of the necessary materials for WeChat to authenticate the official account. 2. Organization code certificate: The organization code certificate is a certificate obtained by an enterprise legal entity after registration with the State Administration for Industry…