Seven Considerations for Website Optimization

If you want to do a good job in website optimization, you need to understand what behaviors will lead to a decrease in website weight and ranking, and how to avoid it.

Seven Considerations for Website Optimization
Website optimization

Now, I will share with you seven precautions for website optimization:

Keyword stuffing

I believe everyone has heard of keyword stuffing, so what is keyword stuffing? How to avoid it? What is more common is that title keywords and alt.title are more common, and these places are easy to pile up keywords.

Spatial stability

The purchased space should be stable and safe, otherwise the website cannot be opened or hacked, and website ranking optimization will be more difficult.

Site Redesign

Some people’s websites do not fluctuate in a short period of time after they go online, but they are constantly changing. Search engines need to re-understand your website. As time goes by, the friendliness of search engines is getting worse and worse, and it is becoming more and more difficult to rank and include.

Mass external links

Many friends who do search engine optimization send external links.

Isn’t there a saying that external links are king? Unfortunately, that era is over. Now search engine algorithms are changing rapidly, and the quality requirements for website articles are also very high. If you want to rank well, it’s best to create high-quality content yourself. As for external links, try to make links to relevant content and authoritative websites.

Friendly link quality is low

Some grassroots webmasters exchanged links in the early days. As long as the website changes the link, they never consider the quality of the website, and the link output is the problem.

The website content has not been updated for a long time

After the website goes online, a large number of articles are updated within a certain period of time, and then no article is updated within a certain period of time, which is like a kind of teasing to search engines , It is very detrimental to the ranking of your website keywords. If you don’t update, it won’t come to visit you. It won’t come after a long time. Inclusions will be greatly reduced.

Have a good attitude and be patient

Some webmasters don’t have enough patience. When the website is online, they refresh the webmaster tools every day to check the page content and keyword ranking. In fact, try to avoid these and waste time. It is recommended that you have a stage goal and do tests for a period of time, which is better.

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