What are the advantages and benefits of developing a hospital appointment registration mini program?

Original title: Benefits of developing hospital appointment registration system

Hospital Appointment Registration Mini Program is currently the best way for both patients and hospitals to solve the problem of queuing and registration difficulties. The medical community can access the WeChat mini program with online registration function. Users can queue up to register directly on the WeChat mini program instead of waiting in line at the window. Medical appointment software source code, WeChat appointment registration software production.

Medical Registration Mini Program Development
Medical Registration Mini Program Development

Advantages of medical appointment registration mini program:

1. First of all, the medical industry can access the WeChat mini program with online registration function. Users can queue up for registration directly on the WeChat mini program, eliminating the need to queue up at the registration window. In this way, it is more convenient for users and the hospital is much more orderly.

2. Secondly, the WeChat applet in the medical industry can develop the function of making appointments for medical treatment and making appointments for examinations. The WeChat applet can make appointments for medical treatment. On the one hand, it can save time, improve the hospital’s work efficiency and provide good services; on the other hand, it can also allow patients to seek medical treatment in a timely manner and solve this aspect of the doctor-patient relationship.

3. Finally, the hospital appointment registration applet can integrate all local or regional hospitals or multiple hospitals at the same time, allowing users to choose the nearest hospital for medical treatment or a designated hospital. , and finally choose the appropriate attending doctor, make an appointment for medical treatment, register to receive medicine, etc.

Functions of the medical appointment registration applet:

Predefined and custom user permissions

In the development of the hospital appointment registration applet, user permission allocation is a very important step. The principle is that the setting is flexible and convenient. Usually, roles are established, including super administrator, hospital director, team leader, statistician, online customer service and telephone customer service. These can predefine basic permissions. Of course, if there are “special” characters, special permissions can also be added.

Internal communication dialogue tool

In the process of patient tracking, consultants will inevitably have to deal with the business director and medical director. If they rely on phone calls and QQ to communicate, it will be very verbose. It is better to add internal communication dialogue tools to the system, which is similar to internal text messages, Conversation function, convenient and fast.

Benefits of developing hospital appointment registration system

Data statistical analysis

The implementation of the above functions is just some basic equipment. Let’s talk about the core of the operation-data statistical analysis, which mainly includes two major functions: customer service data and consumption data analysis:

1. Customer service data analysis: total conversations, effective conversations, appointments, visits, consultation appointment rate, appointment consultation rate, consultation consultation rate, etc. Each customer service situation is easy to manage.

2. Consumption data analysis: Baidu, Google, and other search engine advertising data statistics, including consumption, clicks, effective consultation, appointment, and clinic visit analysis.

Data report export

The function of exporting system data reports to EXCEL is still necessary to facilitate our in-depth analysis, including customer service performance, etc.

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