Determinants of Mini Program Development Price

Original title: Determinants of Mini Program Development Price-Yantai Mini Program Development

WeChat mini programs have been widely used in the market. For companies or individuals who are willing to develop mini programs, in addition to paying attention to functions, price is another major factor. Focused. So what factors determine the price of customized mini program development?

Determinants of Mini Program Development Price-Yantai Mini Program Development

Mini program custom development and design:

There is also development based on templates in the market. The price of template development is relatively low, but it also has many shortcomings. Generally speaking, companies prefer to carry out customized development and design, but the price is also higher, but they will have their own source code and store design style.

Mini program customization development team:

If the strength level of the small program customization development team is high, the project cost will definitely be higher. Because their strength level is very high, the salary will definitely be higher than that of ordinary developers. The number of designers is high, which also results in the high price of customized development of small programs.

Development difficulty:

First of all, it depends on whether it is custom developed. The customized development of WeChat mini programs requires design, coding, testing and other stages. The entire development process requires more manpower and time, and of course the cost will also increase.

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