• Distribution mall system-how to use and features the hourly flash sale function

    Many business owners say that they have purchased too many products and cannot sell them in the warehouse. What should they do if the inventory pressure is high? Today I would like to share with you a function called the hourly flash sale function. This function has helped many business opportunities sell their stored goods, and I think it is very helpful. This function is actually to make your product at a certain point in time, and then set its corresponding inventory, so that users will feel that they will…

  • Unmanned supermarket APP development solution

    In the current Internet era, unmanned retail is slowly becoming popular. The unmanned supermarket APP was born with the times, realizing the improvement and upgrade of unmanned supermarkets through intelligence. Unmanned supermarket APP development solution 1. Online control of in-store equipment Generally speaking, unmanned supermarkets are not managed by anyone inside, and they need some smart equipment on the platform to help with daily operations and maintenance. These service equipment include some checkout counters, monitored goods, smart door locks, etc. Because these devices are classified into many categories and have…

  • Shanghai Mini Program Development – Should I look for a development company or a personal studio for mini program development?

    The emergence of mini programs has brought benefits to developers and business owners. So what are the differences between personal mini programs and enterprise mini programs, and what issues should be paid attention to when developing mini programs? ? Let’s take you to learn more detailed information below. Compared with enterprise mini programs, personal mini programs do not have WeChat payment and nearby functions. The service categories are also different from enterprise mini programs. different. If you trust that person enough, it would actually be much better to find a…