What are the benefits of enterprise development APP?

With the rapid development of mobile Internet, it has provided a cornerstone for more and more entrepreneurs, but many traditional enterprises are still resting on their own laurels and immersed in their own circles.

Meituan, Ele.me, Didi, etc. all grew up relying on the mobile Internet. Many traditional companies have also begun to develop their own APPs, but there are still some companies that do not know the use of developing APPs.

What are the benefits of enterprise development APP?
APP development

APPs are mainly divided into two types: internal and external. So what are the uses of developing APPs for enterprises?

1. External

The external type is a promotional APP, which has the following two advantages:

1. Business display: This is the most important benefit. Enterprises can display their business in the APP, and users can directly see what business we have? What can we bring to users and what problems can we solve?

2. Display of brand image: This is equivalent to a free advertising space, which comprehensively displays the image and strength of the company. Users can understand the company’s business, strength, and brand image through the APP, and do not need to conduct research through other channels.

2. Internal

The internal type is a service-type APP, which has the following four advantages:

1. On-site service:

We can see this kind of service in many places, such as bank card processing, traffic police APP handling traffic violations, etc. They are all on-site service APPs, and their use highlights the breadth of APP usage scenarios.

2. Work at any time:

In the past, how company employees worked when they were on business trips was a big problem; now, all it takes is an APP, company employees can install it, develop all the necessary functions, and they can work anytime and anywhere.

During the epidemic, many companies chose to work from home, and schools also chose online teaching to keep students from suspending classes.

3. Personnel management:

Like our commonly used DingTalk, this APP can automatically locate the location when checking in, eliminating the need to come to the company to check in, which saves a lot of time. Asking for leave, going out, traveling on business, etc. can all be completed in the APP, making personnel management more efficient and convenient.

4. Social:

Everyone is familiar with social software such as WeChat and QQ, and our company can also have an APP with social functions to realize our internal communication.

5. Combination of online and offline:

Online business and offline business are combined for management, offline real-time reporting, and online real-time approval can be carried out anytime and anywhere.

Traditional enterprises value the value that APP can bring to our enterprise, but in today’s mobile Internet world, it is very necessary for enterprises to have their own APP. It is inevitable and it is the general trend.

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